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Why Airport Advertising ?

The airport is the ideal venue to let ideas take flight. Industry-leading business travelers are looking to be informed, and affluent leisure travelers are looking to spend both their money and time. In short, if you're flying, you're waiting, and the airport is a unique environment in which there is a captive audience with guaranteed, substantial dwell time. 

Outdoor One is the market leader in Airport advertising, at Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad airports.

A true leader in creativity and innovation, Outdoor One provides a service to this audience, enhancing the airport experience with progressive media technology and special programs. Our products include a wide range of advertising structures of different formats, as well as exhibition spaces, and by customizing these flexible media programs, advertisers' objectives can be met very effectively .Outdoor One offers brands the perfect platform to reach one of the highest-profile audiences in Out-of-Home Media.

Pakistan's Major Airports, Karachi - Lahore - Islamabad.

Pakisan Aiirports have the potential to deliver your message and brand to million of people from all over the world and People of Pakistan. Cause an Airport is a power and effective environment in which wise people prefer to advertise their Products.

We offer a variety of media for your advertising campaign such as Spectaculars, Vertical Island, Premiere, Bi-Vision etc., at International/Doestic walk ways, Boarding Lounge, Pillars and Airport surroundings including Parking Area.

The Exclusive Package of Business Lounge inside Karachi  International Airport (Departure Lounge)

Airports are among the world's most hostile environments, crowds, noise, long lines, inadequeate seating are the norm. We offer waiting Loung for our client's branding at International Departure Lounge at Karachi  International Airport. Typicall, feature is quiet environment with comfortable seating, wi-fi internet access and TV Channels to make voyage memorable .  The following branding opportunities are available at Promotional Club:

  • 6 inch strip of "Business Lounge" Glass wrap all arount the lounge.
  • 15 spots (2' x 2') to display your client products' logos on lounge glass.
  • Panaflex standees.
  • Option for placing brouchers/flyers.
  • T.V Commercials on LCD/DVD.
  • Interior decor refurbishment by your client as per their corporate visual identity.

Outdoor One offers full compaigns and can offer you real time price based on the contract or services you require. Every client is different and we understand this, you can now your outdoor media service for the best price in the industry.

"Time is money" and Outdoor one is here to give best location at right time for Brand Advertisement.

Please contact our Marketing Team to discuss options for the advertising your products at Airports on +92-21-35638551-4 or Email at info@outdoorone.com.pk

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